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Mittwoch, April 06, 2005

Jesper's first ice-cream ever!

Banana-taste. Mmmhhh.... Posted by Hello


My third night-shift this week. Time slept since sunday : 5+4+2 hours. Feel not as tortured as I did already. What keeps me awake now? The promise to have Mettbrötchen at breakfast! Weird. Foreigners, regardless if finnish or canadian, think that the Rheinländer's liking of raw pork is barbarian or at least uncivilized. Unbelievable!

Reigning topic of the last days (global): The pope's death. The last day's ceremonies have shown me once again the advantages of the roman-catholic church. Even tragic events are accompanied by pathetic and sometimes almost mystic rituals. Not even a suggestion of typical protestant dislike of lust. I think even the mourning has to be celebrated in a proper way. When I was asking my wife if the protestants know "lent", I could answer this question in the same second: "Oh, yes of course. Whensoever it is time to agonize oneself, it is a protestant thing!". How can a church classify the day of Jesus' death higher than his resurrection ? No, no, I don't want to be a member of a club like this. Typical for a Rheinländer again!

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